Buyer’s Guide: Baby Feeding Essentials

My favorite baby feeding essentials, including a brilliantly designed high chair, affordable travel chair, bibs, utensils, dinnerware, sippy cups, and more.

Buyer’s Guide: Strollers and Accessories

My recommended baby strollers and accessories for infant to toddler and beyond, including single and double strollers, and the most amazing travel stroller on earth.

Converting an Office to a Nursery, Part 3: Furnishings

After dealing with the nursery windows and walls, it’s finally time to dive into the (most) fun part: furniture and decor! I was in an enviable situation in that I got almost all my furniture items as hand-me-downs, or repurposed furniture from other rooms, and ended up buying only a few small items. Because it…

Converting an Office to a Nursery, Part 2: Wallpaper

After completing the window coverings, it was time to move my attention to the office walls. They were painted an inoffensive, somber shade of green — way too serious for a baby’s room. I have a well known love for wallpaper, so I started ordering swatches with glee. My idea was to do a feature…