Converting an Office to a Nursery, Part 2: Wallpaper


After completing the window coverings, it was time to move my attention to the office walls. They were painted an inoffensive, somber shade of green — way too serious for a baby’s room.

I have a well known love for wallpaper, so I started ordering swatches with glee. My idea was to do a feature wall where the crib would be placed (the only wall in the 8′ x 12′ space that didn’t have windows), and to cover the remaining walls in a textured solid paper. The goal was for the feature wall to add whimsy and drama, and for the other walls to add warmth to the room.

I chose Hygge and West “Foret” in Plum for the feature wall, and a soft blush-colored textured wallpaper from Graham and Brown for the main walls.

I primed the feature wall with wallpaper liner because the Hygge and West paper seemed to tear easily, and I wanted to have a super smooth surface to make pattern matching easier.

The primed wall, with paper hung horizontally for optimal performance

And then I began the long, arduous process of hanging an intricately patterned art paper on the wall! This single 6′ x 7′ wall took me over 6 hours to complete. Also, I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and not moving very quickly.

A stunning nursery feature wall

Suffice it to say, I am obsessed with this wall! I even went so far as to wallpaper the lightswitch (you can find instructions in the Hygge and West FAQs).


But my work was not done. I spent the next weekend putting up the main wallpaper in the rest of the room. This was considerably easier because there was no pattern matching involved, and the wallpaper was thicker and more forgiving. It also helped that my house has nice, smooth plaster walls, which are a dream to wallpaper over.

Before (left wall) and after (right wall)

After the main walls were done, the only remaining bit of wall I hadn’t touched was the runner above the decorative trim. I didn’t have enough wallpaper to cover it, and thought it would be best to use a soft, ballet pink shade of paint for that section. At this point, I was QUITE pregnant, and my husband wouldn’t let me paint, so he finished up the walls for me.


The finished room

Total cost: About $400 for wallpaper, paint, and other supplies

Time: Two full weekends

Next up: I’ll get into the furnishings and final touches!


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